CHANGES and ANNOUNCEMENTS for the Schedule of Courses

Pa`e downtime

As you may have read in Kaleo, UH Manoa experience a shutdown of the phone registration system early in the week of 29 April. Even while the system is now up and running, the Office of Admissions and Records is not certain what data was actually lost. Continuing students should phone PA'E beginning Monday, May 6, to verify that their Fall '96 schedules are intact.

In addition, many of the registration "holds" the EE Office took off for people during those days may not have been processed. That is many of them are back on hold due to this problem. If you still have a hold on your registration that should have been removed, contact the EE Office.

Course Announcements

EE 449 description (postscript).

Course Changes

22 Aug 96
20 Aug 96
30 July 96
24 July 96
Numerous instructor changes have been made to the Fall schedule.
22 April 96
The following changes have been made to Math courses:
18 April 96
The following room and time changes have been made:
21 March 96
The following instructor changes have been made:
21 March 96
Chemistry 171 and 171L will NOT be offered in Fall 96. Students should consider the honors sections (181/181L) or taking Chem 161, 161L, and 162 to satisfy the chemistry requirement. If there is sufficient demand and an instructor can be found, Chem 171 MAY be offered in Spring 97.