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Electrical Engineering

A History of Energy Efficiency in Hawaii and Where Do We Go From Here

Date: 2013-10-03           Add to Google Calendar
Time: 4:30PM - 5:30PM
Location: Holmes Hall 244
Speaker: Keith Block, Commercial Program Operations Manager Hawaii Energy

Starting with the very first energy efficiency program in the state of Hawaii launched in 1996 and proceeding through the historic Hawaii Clean Energy Initiative of 2008, we will look at the history of energy efficiency in Hawaii. The importance of energy efficiency for Hawaii will be analyzed through the financial impacts it has on the state. Then based on this information, we will look at where we need to go in the future with energy efficiency.

About the Speaker:
As the Commercial Program Operations Manager, Keith Block helps his team implement energy conservation programs that provide financial incentives to commercial customers to enable them to identify and install energy conservation measures. These energy conservation measures help to reduce customers’ electric bills and help Hawaii meet its energy conservation goals.
Keith has over twenty years of experience working in the energy conservation field. Prior to coming to Hawaii Energy he worked for Hawaiian Electric Company implementing some of the first electric energy conservation programs in the state of Hawaii. Most recently, Keith worked for the Naval Facilities Engineering Command where he identified, designed and implemented energy conservation projects for the Navy Region Hawaii. Keith holds a BS in mechanical engineering from San Diego State University. Keith’s home has solar water heating, a photovoltaic solar power system and lots of internal energy conservation measures.