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University of Hawaii

Electrical Engineering

CPS Challenges to the Trustworthiness of Systems

Date: 2013-12-30           Add to Google Calendar
Time: 11:00-12 noon
Location: Holmes Hall 389
Speaker: Professor Al Mok, University of Texas at Austin

     CPS (Cyber-Physical Systems) are computer-enabled systems that require tight conjoining of and coordination between computational and physical resources.  In this talk, we shall discuss the impact of the physical elements on the trustworthiness of CPS applications. New research issues are raised in regard to the fault tolerance, security and resource virtualization of CPS.  With respect to fault tolerance, a key issue is the identification of appropriate failure semantics for CPS. With respect to security, new questions are the (dis)advantages afforded to the defender due to the interaction between the physical and information processing elements. With respect to resource virtualization, difficulties arise from the partitioning of physical resources that have severe restrictions on preemption. Inasmuch as the conjoining of and coordination between computational and physical elements are central to the success of CPS, new ideas are needed for an integrative framework for the design of CPS applications.

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