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Virtual Clinical Trials of X-ray Breast Imaging Systems

Date: 2015-08-25           Add to Google Calendar
Time: 11 am
Location: Holmes Hall 389
Speaker: Predrag R. Bakic, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Radiology at the University of Pennsylvania

Validation of x-ray breast imaging systems by clinical trials is expensive, long, and requires repeated exposure.  These limitations are critical for novel 3D imaging systems with numerous parameters to be tested.  Our X-ray Physics Laboratory at the University of Pennsylvania has introduced Virtual Clinical Trials (VCTs) as alternative preclinical validation by simulating breast anatomy, image acquisition, and image analysis.  Our simulation methods have been used by over 50 labs in academia, industry, and government in the US and 16 other countries.  This presentation illustrates the development of a real-time simulation platform for VCTs of breast tomosynthesis cancer screening. The advantages and limitations are discussed, as well as the extension of the platform to other virtual trials, including the validation of the radiation dose reduction.

Predrag R. Bakic, Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Radiology at the University of Pennsylvania. After receiving Ph.D. from Lehigh University in 2000 and postdoctoral training at Thomas Jefferson University, he joined the University of Pennsylvania as Research Associate in 2003, and was appointed Assistant Professor in 2006 and Associate Professor in 2013. Prof. Bakic co-mentored 25+ Ph.D. students, postdocs, graduate and undergrad students, and visiting researchers. He collaborated on 20+ federally or privately funded grants.  Dr. Bakic has published 150+ peer-reviewed papers, conference presentations, and a mammography textbook chapter, and has given 50+ invited lectures.