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Electrical Engineering

EE Office Assistant Jenniefer Corpuz honored as Manoa's Student Employee of the Year

Our department's Student Services Assistant of nearly 4 years, Jenniefer Corpuz, was awarded with the top honor at the annual Student Employee of the Year luncheon at the Manoa Campus Center on April 10, 2019.  

Jenniefer has ably served the department with a polite, helpful, and unassuming nature. She was also indispensable to our department while we had a vacancy in the permanent staff position that was previously her supervisor. 

Chair Wayne Shiroma said "Jenniefer’s strengths are dependability, promptness, and conscientiousness, all displayed with professionalism. Over the past three years, I have given her tedious tasks and she has always completed them with excellence.”

Graduate Chair Gurdal Arslan said "Indeed, Jennifer has been very reliable and professional, and her work has been of very high quality. Not only she can perform well-defined tasks without any errors, but she is also able to extrapolate from previous instructions and experience to address new issues that she has not come across before. On top of everything else, she has a very good attitude and is always willing to help."

Our former Instructional and Student Support Specialist, Mrs. Cherry Lacsina, said “I initially asked Dr. Shiroma to hire two students to help me in the front office and had to let one student go but I didn't hire a new student because I knew that Jenniefer could do the work alone. After only a couple of months, I was able to give her major duties such handling the book orders, inputting seminar credits, issuing scan cards and door codes, and updating the website information, in addition to her regular duties.“

Jenniefer also had to submit her own essay on the topic "What has helped me to develop personally, professionally, and/or academically by working as a student employee?” in support of the nomination. 

Mahalo, Jenniefer, for all the great service to our department over the years!