University of Hawaii

Electrical Engineering

Computer Architecture I

Course Number: EE 660

Semester: Spring 2017

Times: MW 1200-0115

Location: HOLM 241

 Dear Students,

This spring I am offering EE660: Computer Architecture on the graduate level. Fundamental understanding of computer architecture is key to hardware and processor design, compilers, operating systems, and high performance programming. This course explores computer architectures and design techniques of modern microprocessors at various scales. Focus will be given to architectures that can exploit different forms of parallelism, wheter they be implicit or explicit, to improve performance. A selection of topics covered by the course include multi-issue superscalar processors, out-of-order processors, Very Long Instruction Word (VLIW) processors, advanced caching, multiprocessor systems, and parallel programming.

The class website and syllabus can be found at