University of Hawaii

Electrical Engineering

James W. Holm-Kennedy


Office: Holmes 445

Tel: (808) 956-6792


James Holm-Kennedy received his B.S. in physics from the University of California at Riverside, and his M.S. in physics and Ph.D. in electrical engineering from the University of Minnesota, Minneapolis.

He serves as the Director of the Physical Electronics Laboratory, the Sensor Research and Development Center, and the Photonics Laboratory. He is a member of the IEEE, OSA, and SPIE.

Professor Holm-Kennedy's research activities are centered on creating and developing novel electronic and optical beam management devices. His past activities include micromechanical sensors, chemical and biochemical sensors, novel electronic devices, force sensors, gas sensors, magnetic sensors, optical sensors, and other types of sensors. His current research interests and activities (theoretical and experimental) span novel photonics devices (including WDM and DWDM devices, wavelength management devices, microspectrometers, beam routing devices, micro-optics, imaging devices, novel optical filters, optical systems, integrated optical devices and chip integrated optical systems), magnetic sensors, biosensors, other novel sensing devices, and optical fabrication technologies.

Interests: Sensors: Biochemical, Medical, Other Chemical, Magnetic, Force, MEMs, Optical (visible and IR, detectors, IO and Fiber devices), Nuclear Radiation and Universal sensors. Biosensors directed to rapid human and plant disease diagnostics with significant improvement in speed and reliability, bedside diagnostics, homeland defense and environmental monitoring. Sensing support systems. New support technologies and processes for medical diagnostic sensing.