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Electrical Engineering

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Resources that may be of interest to EE students ...  

Programming / Software / OS

Professional IDEs from JetBRAINS free for students 

    Wolfram Mathematica tools in the Cloud and Language Tutorials

NIST Information Technology Laboratory Security Bulletins

OpenSolaris      :-( Now defunct :-(

Core Dump analysis for beginners

Agile/Lean Documentation: Strategies for Agile Software Development

Book of Speed -- for "high-performance web apps"

Hardware / Physical Electronics

Free Schematic and PCB design software : Fritzing schematic software logo

Free free, open source educational software for designing and simulating digital logic circuits Logic Circuit software screenshot of digital readout L C D  and oscilloscope displays

FPGA-Based Prototyping Methodology Manual combines expertise and best practices from Xilinx and SynopsysXilinx software logo

  small wheeled robot     UC Berkeley Robotics Program "Pioneers in Engineering" Resources Wiki

Adafruit:  Electronics Fun!  and Stuff

    Multiphysics simulation papers   and  COMSOL Conference User Presentationsimage of Comsol software modeling of small electronic device

             High Performance Processors  

Free Design Spark PCB software

    Nice soldering guidedrawing of soldering iron

Digikey TechXchange Board forum for hardware advice

Trending / Mixed / Projects / Engineering

photo of ReconJet video sunglasses      Recon Jet vs.  Google Glass or Make-your-own wearable computers     

WearFin prototype wireless controloriginal wearfin fingermounted computer controller ----- is now ----- >>> meh!


Maybe *you* can do better!

"Soft" Skills

Tech Leadership advice