Engineering Breadth Requirements

Approved by the Undergraduate Curriculum Committee, Department of Electrical Engineering October 15, 2002. Revised Sept, 2014.

Engineering Breadth (3 hrs). This is satisfied by CEE 270 Applied Mechanics I, ME 311 Thermodynamics, or a CEE, ME, OE or BE course that is at the 300 level or higher.

It may also be satisfied by one of the following approved physical, biological, or computer science courses that are at the 300 level or higher and approved by the departmentís Undergraduate Curriculum Committee. Note that the courses are lecture courses on specific topics (not directed reading, research, or seminar) and at least 3 credits. The topics must be technical rather than, e.g., historical perspectives, environmental issues, etc. In addition, they must be useful for engineering design.

The following is a list of approved courses:†

† † †
Biochemistry (BIOC)
BIOC 341 Elements of Biochemistry (3)
BIOC 441 Basic Biochemistry (4)

Chemistry (CHEM)
CHEM 351 Physical Chemistry I (3)

Computer Science (ICS)
ICS 314 Software Engineering (3)

Microbiology (MICR)
MICR 351 Biology of Microorganisms (3)
MICR 394 Marine Biotechnology (3)
MICR 485 Microbes and Their Environment (3)

Molecular Biosciences and Biosystems Engineering (MBBE)
MBBE 401 Molecular Biotechnology (3)
MBBE 402 Principles of Biochemistry (4)
MBBE 412 Environmental Biochemistry (3)

Physics (PHYS)
PHYS 310 Theoretical Mechanics I (3)
PHYS 430 Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics (3)
PHYS 460 Physical Optics (3)