We are the EE Student Advisory Board.

The Student Advisory Board is a committee created to fairly represent the Electrical Engineering student body and promote an enriching learning environment by providing the students with a means for voicing their opinions and suggestions regarding the department, faculty, and overall student experience.

Why do we exist?

The Student Advisory Board exists as the liaison between the student body and faculty. Our duty is to ensure that the student body's needs are being met and that the appropriate action is being taken if not.

Who are we?

The SAB consists of members from both the undergraduate and graduate student body. These members are appointed yearly.

What can I do to contribute?

If you have any concerns that need to be addressed about the department, or about the curriculum, please feel free to let us know. Any suggestions would also be welcome.

Our Prerogative

Any government entities need some forms of checks and balances. As students, we are still responsible to make sure that the quality of our curriculum and facilities are up to par.

The SAB is part of that system in the Electrical Engineering Department at UH Manoa. Our sole purpose is to serve the Electrical Engineering student body, and see that everything is done to help the study body succeed.

Past Achievements

Statics and Introduction to Thermodynamics is no longer required, and students also have the option of creating their own track. Matlab is now a part of the curriculum (EE213).