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Why is my login/logout so slow?

Commonly forgotten file storage

Many users may not realize where they have excess data located.  Some people "delete" files, but don't realize they may be still sitting in their "Recycle Bin".  Other unneeded data may be held in temporary files for the web browser.  

On the Desktop, right-click the Recycle Bin, choose Empty Recycle Bin

This wikihow page gives instructions on how to delete temporary internet files for different web browsers

How to find the big data in your Roaming Profile folder:

At any lab computer, in Windows Explorer: 

    right-click your C:\users\your.username folder, select Properties, to see the size on disk.  

BEST Method: In Holmes 387:

On H387_205 in Holmes 387, we have installed WinDirStat  (2nd row, leftmost PC in Holmes 387).  This is a great program that will total your folders visually to show the biggest and most numerous files .  Just launch the program, in "Select Drives", select "A Folder" in the bottom, and make sure it says "C:\Users\your.username", then click OK.  Click on the biggest solid color blocks to see the biggest files, or numerous small files, or whatever.