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Recent Research Topics in Satellite Positioning Systems

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Date:  Thu, August 24, 2017
Time:  12:30pm
Location:  Holmes Hall 243
Speaker:  Yukihiro Kubo, Ritsumeikan University

Firstly, in this presentation, the college of science and engineering, Ritsumeikan University, Japan as well as research topics in the Information Communication System Lab of the Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering at Ritsumeikan University are briefly introduced. Main research topics in the lab are related to algorithms and methods in satellite positioning and navigation systems. Several methods and results developed in the lab will be briefly shown.

Then we focus on the estimation problem of the integer ambiguities in the GNSS relative positioning. In this method, the distance between the satellite and the receiver is measured by counting carrier phases. However, measuring the phase of the incoming carrier signal from the satellite involves the ambiguous whole cycles, because the receiver cannot distinguish one carrier cycle from another. They are called "integer ambiguity", and the ambiguity resolution is one of the most important keys to obtain accurate positioning results.

In this presentation, a method to estimate the integer ambiguity by applying (extended) Kalman filter that is developed by our research group will be shown. In this method, so-called LAMBDA (Least squares AMBiguity Decorrelation Adjustment) method is effectively utilized to update the extended Kalman filter, and consequently we can speed up the integer ambiguity estimation.

Short Bio:

Yukihiro Kubo received his PhD degree in electrical and electronic engineering from Ritsumeikan University in 2002. He worked for Mitsubishi Electric Corp. asĀ  a researching engineer from 2002 to 2004. He joined Ritsumeikan University in 2004, and he is presently Professor. His research interests include GPS/GNSS signal processing and INS/GNSS integration.

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