Student Rights

Student Responsibility

Students admitted to the Electrical Engineering Graduate Program are expected to behave accordingly. Though advisory services are provided to assist the students, the student alone is responsible for following procedures and completing the steps required in his program. Requirements of the Office of Graduate Education and the Dept. of EE, both procedural and substantive, may be waived only by written requests of the student and/or committee concerned and must have the written approval of the Dean. Petition forms are available in the Department office and the Office of Graduate Education.

Rights and Freedoms of Students

The Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Hawaii, like all state universities, embraces those aspects of academic freedom which guarantee the freedom to teach and the freedom to learn. Free inquiry and free expression for both students and faculty are indispensable and inseparable. Students, whether from the United States or from foreign countries, as members of the academic community are encouraged to develop a capacity for critical judgment and to engage in sustained and independent search for truth.

Students from foreign countries and the United States, as full participants in the educational process, have the right to pursue formal knowledge, verbal or written, in whatever directions and with whatever legitimately appropriate associations are necessary, without fear of reprisal.

For its part, EE guarantees all students the freedom of silence. No student is required to engage in research on any topic or to make statements of any kind, unless it is his wish to do so. In addition, the Department neither supports nor allows its facilities to be used for classified or confidential research for any country or concern.