Admitted Students

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Summarized information for Admitted Students:

Medical Requirements

Newly admitted students who intend to register are required to submit a completed medical examination report (form supplied by the Office of Graduate Education when student is admitted) to the University's Student Health Service for clearance. A clearance card issued to the student by the Student Health Service must be presented to the Office of Graduate Education at the time of registration in order to pick up a registration packet.

The English Language Institute (ELI)

ELI is the University of Hawaii agency for assuring that the English proficiency of its graduate students is adequate for University work. As a result of the ELI evaluation, the student may be assigned to ELI courses in order for the students to gain satisfactory comprehension of English. Such students take a reduced academic load; relatively large amount of ELI work may slow progress toward academic goals.

Partial Advance Tuition Payment

All new, transfer, and returning classified students are required to make a partial advance tuition payment of $60.00. This payment is credited toward the tuition payment when the student registers.

Course Load

Sixteen-credit hours in a semester and 8 in a 6-week summer session is considered the maximum course load for full-time graduate students. Graduate teaching and research assistants are restricted to a maximum of 9-credit hours in a semester because their duties ordinarily require 20 hours per week. The maximum course load may be exceeded only with the approval of the Dean of the Office of Graduate Education. The minimum load for graduate students is as follows:

    Full-time Students

    • 8 credits, including 2 or more graduate courses (600 and above)
    • 9 credits, including 1 graduate course
    • 12 credits, including no graduate courses

    Teaching and Research Assistants

    • 6 credits

Continued Registration

To remain eligible for further graduate work and to be awarded a graduate degree, candidates and intended candidates must have a B average (3.0 grade point ratio) for all courses numbered 300-498 and 600-798 that they have completed as classified graduate students. In addition, they must also have a B average for all graduate courses (600 and above) that they have completed. Courses with a grade below C or used to fulfill pre- program deficiencies do not count toward the degree requirement; they are considered in calculating the grade point ratio.

Regular candidates whose cumulative grade point ratios fail to meet the requirements after completing two semesters or upon completion of at least 12-credit hours will be placed on academic probation for the following semester. (Those admitted on probation are placed on probation for their first semester.) A student on probation who fails to attain the minimum standards at the end of the probationary semester will be denied further registration.

Unclassified graduate students (who are not working for graduate degrees) must have a minimum grade point ratio of 2.5 upon completion of 12 credits or more; or else, they will be denied further registration.

Terminal Registration

At the beginning of the semester in which a student expects to complete his degree requirements, the student must file an application for a diploma.


A newly admitted student who does not enroll in the semester for which he/she was accepted or who completely withdraws from all courses within the first semester of enrollment is regarded as a "no-show" and the student's admission is invalidated. A reapplication is required if the student wishes to enroll in a subsequent semester. Information and necessary forms are available in the Office of Graduate Education Admissions office.


Resident students who have been denied admission on the basis of grade point deficiencies may have the opportunity to demonstrate potential for graduate study in Electrical Engineering by completing a minimum of 12 credits of relevant upper division course work as an unclassified graduate student at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Before enrolling in such courses, however, students are advised to consult with the graduate field chairman in Electrical Engineering. After completion of the 12 credits with a "B" or better average, a student may apply for reconsideration (if the student is able to meet the deadline), although there is no guarantee that the student will be admitted. Students applying for reconsideration are considered along with all other students who are being considered for the semester in question. If admitted, only 12 approved credits taken while in unclassified status may be accepted for transfer into the degree program. For further details or clarification, please contact the Office of Graduate Education Admissions office.

Returnee Readmission

A student who previously enrolled as a classified graduate student in the Office of Graduate Education, who wishes to return after a period of absence of one or more semesters, must notify the Office of Graduate Education Records office of his/her intention to return. A returnee readmission petition is required if the leave of absence is for more than one semester. Consult with the Office of Graduate Education Records office for further information.