Related Graduate Courses


IC = Analog and digital integrated circuits
EM = Electromagnetics and optics
DEV = Solid-state devices, micro- and nano-fabricated devices

The table below shows which graduate courses are recommended to develop your specialization in Electrophysics.

Course Number and Description  IC  EM DEV
EE 422 Sensors and Instrumentation for Biological Systems o   o
EE 423 Computer-Aided Analysis and Design o    
EE 425 Electronic Instrumentation II o    
EE 426 Advanced Si IC and Solid State Devices o   o
EE 427 Computer-Aided Circuit Design o    
EE 470 Physical Optics   o  
EE 471 Computational Techniques in Electromagnetics   o  
EE 473 Microwave Engineering   o  
EE 474 Antennas   o  
EE 475 Optical Communications   o  
EE 477 Fundamentals of Radar, Sonar, and Navigation Systems   o  
EE 480 Introduction to Biomedical and Clinical Engineering   o  
EE 481 Bioelectric Phenomena   o  
EE 482 Biomedical Instrumentation o   o
EE 608 Optical Networks   o  
EE 620 Advanced Electronic Circuits o    
EE 621 Advanced Solid-State Devices     o
EE 622 Optical Electronics I   o o
EE 623 Optical Electronics II   o o
EE 624 Microsensors and Microactuators I     o
EE 626 Rapid Prototyping of Electrophysical Devices o   o
EE 627 Advanced Topics in Physical Electronics     o
EE 628 Analysis and Design of Integrated Circuits o    
EE 671 Electromagnetic Theory and Applications   o  
EE 673 Advanced Microwave Engineering   o  
EE 675 Advanced Computational Techniques in Electromagnetics   o  
EE 680 Biomedical Engineering Systems     o
EE 681 Biosensors and Bioelectronics     o
EE 682 Biomedical Microdevices     o