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5G NR: An Overview

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Date:  Wed, June 19, 2019
Time:   6:30pm - 8:00pm
Location:  Holmes Hall 244
Speaker:  John Imperial, IEEE Hawaii Section Vice-Chair, and Joint Signal Processing and Communications Hawaii Section Chapter Chair

5G has been the in the news, both at the technical/professional level and everyday media.

As a practitioner, Mr. Imperial will not focus on theoretical research or processes, but on the specific effects that impact actual implementation and everyday end-user experience.

5G has been confused with 5 GHz WiFi. All Radiofrequency (RF) technologies are governed by fundamental RF concepts.

Mr. Imperial’s presentation will begin with fundamental RF Concepts; a comparison 5G vs 5G E vs 5GHz; a broad overview to highlight issues related to 5G; different 5G Market Areas; 5G Frequency Bands; Comparison of WiFi vs Cellular Architecture; 4G/4G LTE/5G NR Architecture; 5G NR Radio Access Network Architecture; and Toolsets and Real-World Measurements.

Mr. Imperial will focus on the Radio Access Network (RAN) for 5G NR since this will differ based on the targeted User Equipment (UE) device.

  • Fundamental RF Concepts
  • 5G vs 5G E vs 5GHz
    • Standards Bodies
  • 5G Issues (Broad Overview)
    • Health
    • Environmental
    • Infrastructure
    • Legal
    • Licensed vs Unlicensed
    • 5G Standalone vs 5G Non-standalone
    • LAA vs LTE-U vs LWA vs Multefire
    • 5G Market Areas of Focus
    • 5G Frequency Bands
    • Comparison: WiFi vs Cellular Architecture
    • 4G/4G LTE/5G NR Architecture
    • 5G NR Radio Access Network Architecture
    • Toolsets and Real-World Measurements


John Imperial is currently the first and only engineer to achieve both vendor-neutral wireless certifications:  IEEE Wireless Communications Professional (WCP) certification and CWNP (CWNE pending). Additionally, he has a State of Hawaii FE/EIT and several other vendor-specific certifications.  His wireless background has also included Department of Defense-specific Commercial Solutions for Classified (CSfC) and a WISPA startup with an innovative 802.11-based outdoor environment solution.

Mr. Imperial was an Information Technology Subject Matter Expert (IT SME) for Kaiser Permanente’s 1700 sites in North America.  He has presented several IEEE Distinguished Lectures on Wireless and was a speaker/presenter at the 2017 Annual CWNP Conference in Orlando, Florida.

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