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Innovations in Power Engineering Smart Grid for Integration of Renewables

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Date:  Fri, October 25, 2019
Time:  6:30pm - 8:00pm
Location:  Holmes Hall 244
Speaker:  Saifur Rahman, PhD, Joseph Loring Professor of Electrical Engineering and Director of Advanced Research Institute, Virginia Tech; and President, IEEE Power & Energy Society

Sponsored by the IEEE Hawaii Power and Energy Society Chapter and University of Hawaii IEEE Student Branch

This lecture will start with an introduction to the IEEE Power & Energy Society highlighting the history and development of the society from its origins in New York City in the late eighteen hundreds, till today. Over the last 135 years, PES has grown to be a global technical society of over 38,000 members in over 150 countries. Our membership includes industry practitioners, academics, regulators, government employees and students throughoutthe world, who find value in becoming and remaining members of PES. In order to help with our member’s lifelonglearning needs, we have just launched the IEEE PES University which is based on an online portal offering educational and training content for both members and non-members.

While fossil fuels have been the primary sources of electricity for the last one hundred years, their cost, uneven global distribution and global warming potential are encouraging world leaders to look for low-carbon or no- carbon energy sources. For example, the total global grid-connected photovoltaics (PV) capacity exceeded 500 GW in 2018, with US in the second place at 62.2 GW (12% of global total). Hawaii ranks 15th in the US with 970 MW. Simultaneously, requirements for reliable, secure and environmentally sustainable supply of electricity becomes paramount. While solar and wind energy fit this bill, these have their own challenges - primarily intermittency. Many believe that the smart grid – due to its inherent communication, sensing and control capabilities – will have the ability to manage load, storage and generation assets in the power grid to enable a large-scale integration of distributed generation. This talk focuses on potentials for distributed generation and the role the smart grid can play in their integration with the electric power grid.

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