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Heterogeneous Integration for AI Architectures

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Date:  Mon, June 14, 2021
Time:  6:30pm - 7:30pm
Location:  online, email for details
Speaker:  Dr. Mukta Farooq, IBM Research

Sponsored by University of Hawaii IEEE Student Branch and IEEE Hawaii Joint Electron Device Society & Solid State Circuit Chapter

While silicon scaling has reached astonishing levels over the last half century, there has not been a corresponding level of scaling in electronic packaging technology.  However, Artificial Intelligence (AI) architectures are now changing the landscape, increasingly moving us towards advanced packaging technology, especially Heterogeneous Integreaton (HI).  What are these unique requirements of AI which are driving the need for HI?  What are some of the unique challenges in semiconducotr and packaging technologies that must be overcome to make this successful?  This seminar will discuss these questions and touch upon the various integration methods and their characteristics.  We will also review Through Silicon Via (TSV) technology and 3D integration, which are key elements on the road to achieving HI for AI architectures.   


Dr. Mukta Farooq is a Distinguished Research Staff Member at IBM Research.  She is an IEEE Fellow, an IEEE EDS Distinguished Lecturer and a Distinguished Alumna of ITT-Bombay (India).  Mukta is a materials scientist with expertise in Heterogeneous and 3D Integration, CMOS BEOL, and Chip Package Integration.  Mukta received the IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Award for the semicnductor industry's first high volume 3D logic wafer.  Mukta has 222 granted US patents and numerous publications.  She is an IBM Lifetime Master Inventor and an IBM Academy of Technology member.  Mukta received her BS from IIT-Bombay, MS from Northwestern University and PhD from Rensselaer Polytechnic Intitute.

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