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Soft, Epidermal Biosystems for Clinical Diagnostics Guidance

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Date:  Fri, October 22, 2021
Time:  11:00am - 12:00pm
Location:  online
Speaker:  Tyler Ray, Assistant Professor, UHM Mechanical Engineering Dept

Sponsored by the College of Engineering's Professors & Pizza series

Recent advances in materials and mechanics establish novel classes of wearable devices that intimately couple to the soft, curvilinear surfaces of the epidermis. Such thin, ‘skin-like’ devices, nearly physically imperceptible when worn, represent a paradigm shift for obtaining continuous, clinically-relevant physiological data. These devices offer significant potential for personalized medicine applications; however, challenges in materials, sensing methods, and energy storage represent potential impediments to continued progress. This talk will introduce an emerging class of soft, bio-integrated devices for clinical diagnostics illustrated through epidermal microfluidic devices (‘epifluidics’) for the capture, storage, and biomarker analysis of sweat. It will also introduce a ‘material agnostic’ printing platform as a potential pathway to the scalable assembly of bulk, engineered hierarchical materials — a critical need for the continued advance of wearable diagnostic devices.

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