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Integrated Grid Plan: A Pathway To A Clean Energy Future

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Date:  Wed, May 17, 2023
Time:  6:30pm - 8:00pm
Location:  Holmes Hall 389
Speaker:  Marc Asano, Director of Integrated Grid Planning, Hawaiian Electric

DL Seminar co-sponsored by the University of Hawaii at Manoa IEEE Student branch and the IEEE Hawaii Section Chapter, PE31


Hawaiian Electric and its customers are rapidly transforming the ways it generates, transmits and uses electricity.  The utility is working collaboratively to create a resilient clean energy grid powered by resources from Hawaii, for Hawaii.  By 2045, Hawaiian Electric's energy grid will emit zero net carbon emissions and use 100% local, renewable resources.  Work to modernize and decarbonize the grid had never been more urgent, as the effects of climate change escalate and existing electrical facilities and infrastructure age.  The world is watching as the utility innovates to scale up clean energy on islands with abundant resources, but no option to import renewables from neighbors.

Hawaiian Electric envisions a clean energy future where customers have more choices, more reliable power and more stable rates.  Electric cars and buses will get people where they need to go, with a backbone of vehicle chargers at the workplace and community centers.  At home and at work, energy-efficient appliances and equipment will electrify the daily lives of the community.  

The clean energy transformation will advance social equity and benefit all customers and communities.  Enhanced grid capacity will support growth in residential and commerical development, empowering a state-wide expansion in affordable housing.  In places with new energy facilities, host communities will thrive with benefit packages from developers.

The future grid will look unlike any before, with customers playing a vital role in generating and storing energy.  Small-scale generation and battery storage in customers' homes and communities will seamlessly connect to large-scale generation through a modernized transmission system, providing a consistent stream of energy that can adapt to fluctuations in use.  Sourcing energy from a diverse array of local, renewable resources will fortify Hawaii againist global swings in oil prices, stabilizing utility costs for customers.

Hawaiian Electric is pleased to present the Integrated Grid Plan: a pathway to a clean energy future.  The Integrated Grid Plan proposes actionable steps to decarbonize the electric grid on the state's timeline, with flexible framework that can adapt to future technologies.

The Integrated Grid Plan represents 5 years of partnership with stakeholders and community members across the islands.  Hawaiian Electric forecasted future energy needs and identified strategies to meet Hawaii's growing energy demand with 100% local, renewable resources.  Hawaiian Electric is grateful for the collective time, efforts and insights of the many people involved in Integrated Grid Planning.

This talk will cover Hawaiian Electric's action plan and summaries of the technical analysis and community engagement.  It also underscores the urgency of action needed to achieve this future.  The Integrated Grid Plan shows that every industry and every individual will need to play a role in decarbonizing Hawaii's economy.  This plan can help customers, organizations and agencies understand the scope of the challenge and their role in meeting it.  It's everyone's kuleana to create a sustainable future for Hawaii. 


Marc Asano is Director of Integrated Grid Planning, leading the development of long range plans and strategies to achieve 100 percent renewable energy.  Marc leads Hawaiian Electric's innovative Integrated Grid Planning process, that seeks to integrate system planning across the trransmission and distribution system to meet evolving customer needs.

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